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Planning Meeting



Tory Mills

Michael Nilsson

Gloria Ferris

Susan Altshuler

Jeff Friedman

Betsey Merkel

Dennis Coughlin


Presentations in process

Jeff Freidman is one of a thousand trained speakers to follow up with An Inconvient Truth


There is an early effort to organize a fund raiser to raise money for projector, speakers, etc.

Night Town will provide meeting space for presentations, and a roundtable with MTB moderating



Presentations educate and offer simple day-to-day next steps. Here are some sites Jeff is working with to present is talk to:

CMNH April

LCCC is showing Inconvenient Truth every night for a week.

01-29-07 Tri-C show movie and will participate in a panel

Westlake Science Center


E4S is successful because of the added social benefits. Michael will connect Holly Harlan, Stephanie Strong and Jeff.


Suggestions for Speakers in the future:


Shaker Nature Center: Next Steps for Living Sustainably

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