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Social Network Maps


I-Open has mapped social activity in and around new spaces created in the Midtown area to accelerate connections and new business development. These "spaces" look like civic forums, programs, events and regular sessions where entrepreneurs connect, share new business opportunities and build the trust necessary to take ideas to action quickly.


The value of mapping to new business opportunities:


  • Reduce the complexity; strip away terminology
  • Understand the entire business resource system with a region or community
  • Locate where resources are currently located
  • Identify where potential partners are focusing
  • Identify leverage points
  • Make decisions on resources, target outcomes and metrics


Maps present new opportunities for all entrepreneurs to leverage their knowledge of where they are on a map, their relationship to others and how they can assist fellow entrepreneurs to connect to facilitate business.


I-Open teaches "strategic doing" - new practices and tools for Open Source Economic Development (OSED) that builds trust, aligns resources and focuses on next steps. OSED builds healthy business communities. By practicing OSED, communties expand and become healthier, mapping as dense links and nodes indicating a high level of connectivity and presenting the picture of a dynamic, self-sustaining eco-system.


Midtown Brews: Map of the November 2, 2006 Midtown Brews event featuring Lev Gonick and Meet The Bloggers.



Maps are created using InFlow software created by software entrepreneur Valdis Krebs.

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